Yoga Video Monday: Chaturanga Tutorial


Did you all have a nice weekend? I went to my Grandmother’s house for Easter dinner (and ate way too much candy) and caught up with some extended family. It was a super great time! At one point my grandmother asked how to make mimosas and very innocently/matter-of-factly goes, “Oh you need champagne? Can we just use vodka?” CLASSIC! 😀

She’s 90-years-young, walks every day, gardens (her yard is immaculate), goes to church and goes to the nursing home to read to and take care of “the old people” once a week. She’s my hero!

I like to think yoga is another thing that keeps you young forever 😉 Today’s pose breakdown is for Chaturanga because it’s really freakin’ hard and we could all use a little help once in a while.