Yoga Anatomy: Heels Flat in Downdog + Why You Can’t Do It

Yoga Anatomy: Heels Flat in Downdog + Why You Can’t Do It

Do you ever wonder why your heels don’t touch the floor in downward dog? Do you have trouble getting comfortable in poses like dolphin, forearm stand, or forearm plank? Here’s why:

So, all that to say:

1) If your heels aren’t touching the ground in downdog and it bothers you or prevents you from fully lengthening the hamstrings and calves, you can compensate by bringing the floor up to you. You can roll up a thick towel (or two, depending on how much height you need) and lay it on your mat so your heels can rest there instead of remaining suspended above the ground.

2) If you can’t get enough rotation in your forearms to come comfortably in to dolphin, forearm stand, or forearm plank, don’t worry about it! Wrap your hands around the sides of a yoga block (or super thick book) so that the thumbs remain facing up. This doesn’t require as much rotation of the joints and will still allow you to do the poses in a way that feels good. Note: my head isn’t resting on the block even though my cray-cray hair makes it look like it ;). My neck is relaxed so it’s just in front of the block, I’m looking between my knees and my head is hovering above the ground. 


Tell me: Got any other poses you want de-mystified? Let me know which poses you want broken down and given options for and I’ll get on it 😉