Why Teaching Yoga Terrifies Me

Why Teaching Yoga Terrifies Me

This weekend I flew to Princeton, NJ to teach a weekend of workshops at The Princeton Center for Yoga and Health. I know this is totally NBD to most traveling yogis, but for me, it’s massive. Even though I’ve made a life around putting myself out there on social media and YouTube, I’m not a particularly outgoing person; I’m actually really shy and pretty quiet off-screen/off-line. Not to mention my fear of everyone hating me in real life, haha <– fear is soooo rational, right?!



There’s something about getting up in front of a group of strangers who are paying to see you… it makes me break into a cold sweat if I think about it too long, haha. I have a crazy fear of disappointing people and generally feeling totally unworthy of all this love from people I’ve never met. I’m beyond grateful for every day I get to do what I do, but most of the time it just doesn’t seem real.


Thank GOODNESS all my worry was over NOTHING! We had a fantastic weekend and everyone I met was so incredibly kind and we were all so excited to meet each other! Someone would see me walking down the hall and be like, “OH MY GOD!” and I’d be like, “OH MY GOD!” and we’d just keep escalating our “oh-my-gods” until we were both jumping up and down hugging each other, lol! It was ridiculous in the best way possible! I didn’t get pictures with everyone because I didn’t want to be obnoxiously snapping pictures while people were in savasana or something, BUT we got a few of part of the group after class or before class started while we were chatting.


Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Lululemon in downtown Princeton had me over for a little yogi pow-wow before my workshops where we sipped on some red wine and snacked on cheese while playing dress-up. It was super fun!


bad yogi

I completely lost my voice after the weekend ended but it was totally worth it. Ice cream was the best medicine and so was a trip to NYC which I’ll blog about later 😉 I’m currently typing this up from Central Park with my other hand in a bag of candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar even though my belly is still full from a fresh pasta lunch at Marea. Words would be inadequate to try and describe how tasty that was, but I’m up for the challenge.


I’ll catch ya soon, yogis! <3