Wanderlust Day 2: Hippie Weirdness is ALIVE

Wanderlust Day 2: Hippie Weirdness is ALIVE

I woke up bright and early at 6:15am all ready to go, but since I’m a total slow poke in the morning, I didn’t actually leave my hotel at until around 7:30. I got breakfast up the road which was a freaking BOMB latte and an everything bagel.


You know what they say: Be the full fat latte in the sea of low-fat soy chai. … or something like that.

Anyway, at 10am I went to a lecture from Sarah Copeland which I expected to be incredibly lame (just tellin’ you the truth!) and ended up being really great. I’ll be writing all about the interview I had with her over on Lululemon’s blog later this weekend, but for now I’ll tease you with this: the name of her lecture was based on her new book and called “Have Your Cake and Your Veggies Too. And as you know, any woman who’s a friend of cake is a friend of mine, so needless to say, it was awesome.

IMG_7067 IMG_7070

The rest of my day was spent defacing public property 😉

And then masterfully crafting my disguise as a hippie. Now they’ll never know it was me 😉

I’ve been hennaed:


And tatted up with these babies:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been assimilated.

I crashed at the hotel until a farm-to-table dinner which was a culinary experience from the master herself, Sarah Copeland. I tried to be stealthy and not take a million very obvious pictures all night, but here’s a sneak peak:

Homemade local charcuterie including pate, dried fruit, various cheeses, and fruit preserves, and pickled veggies. Seriously my favorite part. Plus, there was wine!

IMG_7086 IMG_7087 IMG_7088

They had the dining room set up beautifully and we all sat in random places, so everyone got to talk to someone new. I met some great people including Gabby Bernstein, but more on that in my next post 😉


The beautiful table setting…


… and a closeup of those equally pretty roasted veggies! Dinner included a radish salad with shaved parmesan, lamb, herby, smoky salmon with roasted potatoes, and then dessert was this ultra rich chocolate ice cream with local strawberries and the best whipped cream ever.

The  night ended around 11PM and after I sorted through some pictures, I went straight to bed!

Have you guys ever traveled alone? What’s your favorite thing about it? For me, it’s putting myself in a position where I HAVE to get out of my comfort zone. Since I came up here by myself, I’ve had to get out and meet new people which is always fun 😉 Tell me about your last trip alone!


  1. I went to Seville Spain for a month alone and loved it- the best part was meeting so many amazing people from all over the world and exploring the city with them.

    • WOW that sounds amazing! that’s really courageous.

  2. I moved to Australia for six months all by myself when I was 18. Definitely made me braver!

    • HOLY CRAP! Ok, I feel like a total pansy, hahaha.

  3. I went on a volunteer trip to Nepal, on my own. I was there for 3 months. As a fairly introverted person I quickly learned how to strike up a conversation with a new person. Met so many great people from around the world

    • Okay, I am speechless at how brave you all are! You’re incredible, Becks! I had a hard time talking myself in to driving an hour and a half through Vermont to get here, lol 😉

  4. I love henna! I am not very arty but I do manage to use it on myself and make it look half good haha 🙂 As for travelling alone – I’ve done a bit before but generally met up with groups whilst travelling, but in August I’ll be moving to Norway for a year for a year, by myself, to study!! I think the best thing about travelling alone is getting to meet new people 🙂

    • ahh, Megan that’s so exciting!!!! will you have travel blog?? i’d totally read it! 🙂

  5. I was too much of a wuss to go to Wanderlust alone (I dragged my poor, non-yogi husband alone) but, a few years ago, I did go on a three-day yoga and cooking retreat up in VT. I’m an introvert with a nasty case of social anxiety, so I was terrified, especially when I realized most everyone else already knew each other from previous annual retreats. But not having someone familiar to cling to forced me to get to know some amazing people, and also gave me the opportunity for quiet time with my books when we had open space in our schedule.

    • Steph! Not wussy at all! I was nervous too. And I totally agree that I ended up really liking having some down time where I could read and just chill 🙂

  6. You made me hungry with this post. The most important part. The cheeses, of course.

  7. I travel alone all the time. I love it! Thank you for spreading the word that it’s fun. My first big solo trip was to London and it was the beginning of me really getting to know myself. There’s something great about stopping in to any random pub you want and asking for directions. And by “asking for directions” I mean having a cocktail.

    • Mandy I love you! I want to get more comfortable with the idea of going solo, but this trip definitely made me appreciate it 🙂 LOL @ “asking for directions”! I stopped for directions in a gas station and left with M&M’s so I guess I almost got it right 😉

  8. A month after I graduated college last year, I went and worked/lived in Italy as an Au Pair and then backpacked through England & Ireland, and couch surfed in Wales. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I made so many friends along the way that I never felt truly alone. I think that solo traveling is something everyone should experience once, if even just for a few days, as it lets you become accustomed with your own travel style and be self sufficient in more ways than one.

    By the way, I just started the 30 day challenge ( day 9 and going strong!) and I’m hooked! My boyfriend has been trying to get me to do yoga with him every morning and I just couldn’t get into it. The videos he prefers are a lot more meditation based and their voices just drove me up the wall! Now that I’ve found your site, I’m obsessed and look forward to doing it everyday! Big thanks to you Erin!

    Oh and if you’re ever in Louisville KY I work at a fabulous little farm to table restaurant called Harvest you should check out!

  9. Hotel bartender here. If you’re traveling alone, go down to the bar and chat with the bartender!!
    They have the inside scoop on everything! Where to go, where not to go, what’s going on, restaurants you have to try, etc. I love helping get people acquainted with my city!


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