The Bad Yogi Engagement Part I

The Bad Yogi Engagement Part I

If you saw my Facebook post from a couple days ago, you probably know that the Frenchman and I are engaged! It was seriously the most ridiculous, crazy, insane, emotional experience of my life and I’m still waiting to wake up.

Since I know I love nosy details about everyone else’s life, I wanted to share exactly how it all went down 😉


It was 8:30am early on Friday when he looked at me over breakfast and goes, “We should totally do a photo shoot today in Time Square before we leave NY, right?” (Lie #1*). It was cold and a little overcast and I have an unreasonable aversion to putting my bare hands on a dirty public street, but I knew it’d turn out super cool, so I very hesitantly agreed and secretly hoped something else would come up. He hardly ate breakfast and kept checking his phone while acting SUPER anxious. I asked him what was up and he said he was just nervous about flying home… he doesn’t love flying, so I didn’t think much of it. Plus, I thought he was trying to coordinate a surprise dinner or something, since it’s totally not unusual for him to do something like that. He told me he had to step out to call his mom (Lie #2*) and said it might be a while, so he suggested I go shopping across the street after I was done eating. I was happy to have some down time since we’d been running all over Manhattan doing as much stuff as possible for the past 6 days, so I agreed and we went our separate ways for a while.

Fast forward some time later and he texts me saying he had to go back to the hotel right away because he wasn’t feeling well but would meet me there later (Lie #3*). We had a lunch reservation at the Four Seasons at noon and it was already 11:15 or so, and he said once I got back we’d just head right out. I didn’t think anything of it when I got back, but he said he had to step outside to talk to his mom again who needed help with something (Lie #4*) before we ate. I still needed to change and get ready, so he said to get ready in a few minutes, and then meet him downstairs in front of the hotel lobby. I was completely oblivious to anything THIS grand happening in the background, so I just went with it!

We had a super delicious but uneventful lunch at the Four Seasons and again, he hardly ate even though he said it was amazing! He seemed normal just a little more pensive than usual, but I figured it was nerves over flying home. Little did I know…

We finished lunch and took a leisurely walk before going back to the hotel to pick up the camera and get ready for our Time Square photo shoot. I wanted to change my shoes, and he said he needed to stop by the ATM (Lie #5*), so he said he’d meet me downstairs in no more than 10 minutes. He was SUPER adamant about the importance of time. He got the camera and off he went!

I met him outside the hotel, and at this point it’s about 3:15pm. We stayed only a few blocks away from Time Square, so it was within eye-shot as soon as we walked outside. He took one look at the sky and said, “Oh my gosh, the light is perfect, we have to hurry up to catch it before the clouds shift!” (Lie #6*) So at this point we’re hustling and elbowing through crowds to get down about 6 blocks before the light changes.

We finally make it down there at about 3:25pm and he spots an open clearing under the biggest screen there, in the center of the block and says, “OK, this is perfect…”


This was taken on a different evening, but it's the same location :)

To be continued…


The Lie Breakdown:

#1) He was actually planning on proposing in Time Square using the big screen and never intended on taking yoga pictures.

#2) He didn’t actually call his mom. He was on the phone with UPS who delivered the ENGAGEMENT RING to the wrong hotel in NYC (!!!!!), and that it was scheduled to be returned to the sender which wouldn’t happen until later that night. With high value items like this, they’re not very flexible with how it gets delivered. So after a solid 3 hours on the phone with a UPS manager, he managed to convince her to let him pick it up in person later that morning. He said he was so afraid it wouldn’t work out he was about to throw up all morning!

#3) He was still on the phone with UPS trying to figure out exactly where the ring was sent back so he could go get it before the big event went down in Time Square. This part was NON-negotiable. The “will you marry me” text was going up at exactly 3:30pm for a few minutes only, and his contract was strict: if you missed it, too bad– no re-do’s.

#4) This is where he got a cab to go to the warehouse where the ring was sent. They told him it was completely outside of protocol and if he wasn’t there in a few minutes, they’d have to send it back to the place he had it made. So suffice it to say, he HUSTLED to make it there. Knowing he had a super tight deadline, he gave the driver some cash when they arrived at the warehouse, told him to wait there no matter what until he came back out with the ring. Luckily, he got it! As for getting back on time without me knowing anything was more of a challenge. I was already on my way out of my hotel room to meet him in the lobby. And of course being classic NYC, he hit crazy traffic on the way back and was at a dead stop. He said “Screw it, I’ll just go.” He paid the driver and promptly RAN 8 BLOCKS back to the hotel, managed to collect himself in a few seconds and like nothing ever happened, he put his hand out to take mine when I stepped off the elevator and calmly asked, “Are you ready for lunch?”

#5) He didn’t tell a SOUL about his plans to propose. So this is where he got away from me to call my Dad and ask for his blessing. He wanted to Facetime him but it kept failing! After several tries, he got in touch with him, and once my Dad calmed down and gave him as many thumbs-up as possible, he quickly got off the phone to meet me again.

#6) He was probably thinking, “Holy shit please let her move quickly so we don’t miss this!!!”


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