A Yoga Squat (aka Garland Pose)!

Fact: There is no non-awkward way to take a picture of this pose, haha 😉

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And a sincere thank you to all our veterans and troops out there!

If you’re home from work today, you might want to get in a little bit of yoga, so I figured it’d be a great week to bring back our videos. This is a continuation from the last batch which we put on hold while the new website was getting a face lift, so my apologies if it feels a little out of order!

This video is dedicated to learning how to properly do Garland Pose, which I often just refer to as a Yoga Squat or Hindi Squat. No matter what you call it, let’s make sure our form is good before we incorporate in to a full class in a couple weeks, shall we? 🙂