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Bad Yogi Home Yoga Flow Builder

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to plan their own flow for yoga at home… Truth is, there’s rarely just one way of doing something, and this is no different. It all depends on your likes/dislikes, abilities and limitations, but I made this little...

Bad Yogi Playlist: Spring Spunk!

Lately while I do yoga, I’m so all about music that’s not made specifically for yoga and meditation. It just puts me in the best mood! I mean, yoga has the tendency to do that on its own, but this just takes it to some next level greatness! This...

Bad Yogi Tea Cabinet Low-Down

I’m a HUGE tea drinker. I love loose teas, Yogi Tea, random exotic teas I find in TJ Maxx, and pretty much any other kind you can think of. Tea is to my afternoon snacks as a glass of cabernet is to my dinner; it’s all about balance, am I right? 😉 Any time I can fix a...

50 Shades of Yoga: Props, Straps, & Blocks, OH MY!

Because I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to give you guys a handy little guide to all the yoga accouterments you could ever need in your play roo– I mean yoga room 😉 Oh, and have you seen the 50 Shades movie yet? I haven’t and have not read the books...

Valentine’s Day Free Class: Cardio Flow

Surprise! I know it’s not technically yoga day, but I love you guys and wanted to give you a special flow anyway This class is what would happen if cardio and yoga had a baby, haha. You’ll get the heart rate up and challenge the whole body with this one with some hip...

Bad Yogi Guide to Different Yoga Styles

Hi friends! How are you? Ours has been good so far… This week has felt so productive! I’ve cooked almost every day (which is feat by it self, haha), organized a million things, filmed a bunch of yoga for us (!!!), and some other stuff… Don’t...

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Erin Motz

Erin Motz

The Original Bad Yogi

I’m the carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving type and I’m based in Tampa, FL where I teach vinyasa flow. My aim is to keep my classes fun and accessible, both in the studio and online.  More about me…

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