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Bad Yogi Home Yoga Flow Builder

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to plan their own flow for yoga at home… Truth is, there’s rarely just one way of doing something, and this is no different. It all depends on your likes/dislikes, abilities and limitations, but I made this little sequence builder as a general guideline that I’d say is good to follow for anyone. You can use this to make a 10 minute flow or a 60 minute flow depending on what you’re in the mood for Also, it’s intentionally (somewhat) vague because I want you to feel free to be creative, to change things as you want and need to, and to serve as a reminder that your practice is exactly that: YOUR OWN. No one can tell you what poses are the “best” for your mood; you’re the gatekeeper to the class theme, so have fun with it Enjoy! And shoutout to Tamera in Washington DC who inspired this post in...

Bad Yogi Playlist: Spring Spunk!

Lately while I do yoga, I’m so all about music that’s not made specifically for yoga and meditation. It just puts me in the best mood! I mean, yoga has the tendency to do that on its own, but this just takes it to some next level greatness! This one’s about 45 minutes long, so it’s great for a full flow at home… say, with a Bad Yogi Full Hour Flow? 😉 OK OK, moving on! This one could be a little “not safe for work” so just be mindful of any kiddies or nearby virgin ears, haha. Over to you: What songs are you jammin’ out to right now? In yoga or...

Bad Yogi Tea Cabinet Low-Down

I’m a HUGE tea drinker. I love loose teas, Yogi Tea, random exotic teas I find in TJ Maxx, and pretty much any other kind you can think of. Tea is to my afternoon snacks as a glass of cabernet is to my dinner; it’s all about balance, am I right? 😉 Any time I can fix a small ailment with natural remedies, I have to give myself a pat on the back and count that as a small victory. It just feels so cool to have some control over minor aches, right? Here’s what my little tea apothecary looks like… For “that time” of the month: TMI ALERT! Ladies: This stuff really does work when it comes to easing cramps. I’ll drink two strongly brewed cups in the days leading up to that time as well as the first day, and I notice a significant difference. A lot of times I can even skip the ibuprofen, which is awesome! EDIT: If you read the comments, you may have caught an important disclaimer about this one. Check out this little PSA from a fellow bad yogi:  “Just a psa that raspberry leaf is one of of several herbs that are known to sometimes interfere with hormonal birth control methods. To be on the safe side, I would not advise consuming it if you are simultaneously on hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy. ‘common herbs that are known for promoting ovulation. They include “Red Clover Flower, False Unicorn Root, Kelp, Nettle Leaves, Red Raspberry Leaves, Black Cohosh, Don Quai Root, Wild Yams, Pumpkin Seeds, Saw Palmetto Berry and Sarsaparilla Root.”...

50 Shades of Yoga: Props, Straps, & Blocks, OH MY!

Because I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to give you guys a handy little guide to all the yoga accouterments you could ever need in your play roo– I mean yoga room 😉 Oh, and have you seen the 50 Shades movie yet? I haven’t and have not read the books either, but still want to see what the hype is all about! But I’ll wait until it comes out on Redbox so I don’t regret spending $12 on a terribly cheesy over-the-top chick flick, haha. Also– how do you like the ridiculous picture up there?! The Frenchman made it and it cracked me up! ANYWAY!!! Here’s what I got for ya: 1.) Yoga Blocks.  I think two is the magic number, but if you have space to keep four on hand, I’d roll with that. I only have two for the moment but always find myself wishing I had a couple more for different restorative postures. My favorite brand is Manduka, but at $16 a pop, if I’m buying 4 at a time, I’d just go with these which are totally acceptable and will get the same job done. I found these on Amazon. 2.) A sturdy yoga mat.  This is a no brainer, but I can confidently recommend two: Manduka’s Black Mat Pro and Lululemon’s The Mat. I have a closet full of every brand out there and they do nothing but collect dust! My favorites are tried and true.           Manduka ‘Black Mat Pro’ Pros: it will last a lifetime and ages like a fine wine! It offers just enough cushion for...

Valentine’s Day Free Class: Cardio Flow

Surprise! I know it’s not technically yoga day, but I love you guys and wanted to give you a special flow anyway This class is what would happen if cardio and yoga had a baby, haha. You’ll get the heart rate up and challenge the whole body with this one with some hip openers and down dog jump-throughs! Excuse my shortness of breath through this— I ate a huge chocolate chip cookie RIGHT before I filmed, haha … ummm, #badyogi! 😉 Anyway, I hope you guys have a weekend full of love whether it’s with a “special someone” or just a Scandal marathon 😉 The Frenchman and I are cheesy all year long, so Valentine’s Day is just another day for us. Plus, the NBA All Star game will be on so you know where I’ll be!   Over to you: any plans for the weekend?! I feel like I’m supposed to do something with my sister and that she told me not to forget, but I seriously can’t remember, haha. I should call her!   OH! So random but before I forget, I wanted to tell you that the Bad Yogi Warm-Up is almost sold out, so if you haven’t gotten yours yet, now’s the time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone until the Fall! :'(  ...

Bad Yogi Guide to Different Yoga Styles

Hi friends! How are you? Ours has been good so far… This week has felt so productive! I’ve cooked almost every day (which is feat by it self, haha), organized a million things, filmed a bunch of yoga for us (!!!), and some other stuff… Don’t you love weeks like that? Feeling very accomplished, you know? 😉 Oh and shoutout to Marcie in Washington DC who inspired this post and asked if I could give a Bad Yogi take on the different styles of yoga. I thought it was SUCH a fun idea! There are dozens of styles out there, but these are the most common ones that most of us run in to when we’re going to different studios. When I used to go around to different classes, I pretty much walked in without any clue what I was getting in to. Not that it was all bad, but I still wished I had some idea of what to expect. So, let’s do this! 😉 Bikram. First thing to know is that it’s HOT. Like, super hot. Depending on what city you practice in, the temperatures range from 105* to 120* F with plenty of humidity to boot. It’s also the exact same set of 26 poses every single time which take about 90 minutes to complete. If you like it sweaty, regimented, and routine, you’ll love this. No music here either. Vinyasa Flow. Do you do my videos online or have you practiced with me in person? Then you’ve done vinyasa flow It’s (mostly) non-stop movement with plenty of sun salutations, variety, and tends to be fairly...

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