Ask Erin: How Can You Eat Meat & Be A Yogi?

Ask Erin: How Can You Eat Meat & Be A Yogi?

This post is not any sort of political statement and I want to clarify that yes, I’m aware that this logic is not necessarily ideal for solving food shortages in developing countries, and that any food is better than no food in those areas. This is not an argument for how everyone should eat; it is simply my opinion and my reasoning for why I eat the way that I do. I do not discourage alternative diets like vegan/vegetarian/GF or any other modified version, nor do I think they’re incorrect in any way at all. Again, this is strictly my thought process for my personal food choices.


I’m not speaking on the health side of things here, but merely offering my own opinion. I eat meat and always have, to include chicken, fish, and some beef. I’ve spent most of my adult life around cooking and eating, and two of the most influential people in my life are Italian and German, neither of which is known for having particularly vegetarian/vegan tendencies, haha 😉 Adding to this, I live with a French man who has exquisite taste in cheese and wine and can cook a mean filet and there’s not a cell in my body that desires to eliminate any of these things from my “menu,” so to speak. I think a lot of people are with me on this, but the yoga world is particularly unforgiving when it comes to diets that are a bit more… lax.

On the flip side, I also understand what it’s like to feel badly about eating meat, especially now that we’ve turned the process in to a disgusting, evil factory line so the industry can make a few extra bucks. There’s nothing pleasant about the way meat today is farmed or processed. It’s not like most animals are humanely raised without antibiotics or hormones or, you know, in actual nature. And frankly, if you ask me, all of this is bad. I can’t underline this enough, so I’ll just say it again: I believe this is fundamentally terrible, both from a karmic standpoint and from a health standpoint. Call me a crunchy hippie weirdo, but I think when we ingest animal protein that’s been treated with such negligence, a lot of the nutritional value is lost, or at least diminished. For example, I remember a while back taking a super awesome health class by this local alternative nutrition aficionado. He taught us that when a chicken, for example, is slaughtered in a traditional modern slaughterhouse, they hang them all upside down while they’re alive. They’re all on a type of conveyor belt next to each other, each one getting de-feathered and beheaded as the next chicken in line watches. This creates a massive surge of adrenaline and hormones for the chickens watching because it’s highly traumatic, and pretty f*cking terrifying. All of these chemicals going through the chicken’s bloodstream are immediately delivered to the flesh of the animal and take a guess at where they end up? No surprise: on our plates. This type of slow torture simply doesn’t happen in the wild. 

I can’t feel good about that process, so whenever possible, I prefer to buy my meat, eggs, and cheese from local farms that treat the animals humanely and with respect. There’s really no sugary sweet way to talk about killing animals for food, but I do think there’s a responsible, respectful way to do it which is why I look for other sources.

I’m not saying we all need to have these exact same priorities, but for me it’s something worth considering when making choices at the grocery store.

All this to say: I disagree with how Big Agriculture treats our animals, but I believe there’s a correct and dignified way of doing farming these things and I go out of my way to make the best choices available.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you eat meat? Why or why not? Always love to hear you weigh in on these topics!