Handstands Are F%^king Hard!

Handstands are f*cking hard, you guys.

I’ve been in a sort of “Power Yoga Rehab” (coined by my friend, Jessica, haha) since I stepped off my plane from Europe a few weeks ago. I was between Berlin and southern France where I absolutely ate everything in sight. I totally fell off the wagon and then ate the wagon: I’m talking croissants every day at breakfast, hot baguettes with lunch, the darkest, richest beers I could find, wine at every dinner, the most decadently sinful ice creams for dessert, macarons picked up on every walk past my favorite patisserie, and disturbing amounts of cheese… oh my gosh the cheese…

So the short story is that by the time I got home, my pants no longer fit (whatever, I could live with that) and I had basically ZERO strength or endurance left in me (okay this wasn’t cool). I was working on MyYogaPro back-end stuff and not teaching or practicing as much as I was used to, so my physical state kind of took a back seat.

Now that I’m home, I’m trying to find some balance. I’m making to eat food that’s nutritious and delicious. I’m still drinking wine and eating chocolate and delicious cheeses, but I’m making sure that my main food groups are a little more diverse, yaknowwhatimean? 😉

I started practicing yoga again, getting in some strength training, and eating well to balance it all out and whaddya know? My strength is coming back and I’m even stronger than I was when I left and was used to doing strong yoga classes 12x/week.

The point is that even when you feel like you’ve been dragged back 20 steps, the moment you dedicate yourself to picking up your lost time, it’s not in your hands. When you devote yourself wholly to something you really want, progress is unavoidable.

Just take the first step.

What pose/poses have you struggled to “get” lately?