Fall & Turning Over A New Leaf

Fall & Turning Over A New Leaf

I love Fall. I think everyone loves Fall, but it’s still worth mentioning 🙂

I saw a post on the Fitnessista’s blog today about turning over a new leaf with the new season, and checking in with the goals you set for yourself earlier in the year, and I loved the idea of doing that… The Frenchman and I are big goal setters and we usually set them for every month, every six months, every year, and 5-and 10-years.

So I thought I’d share some here!

1) Move to Europe. 
CHECK CHECK CHECK! This has been on our goal list for years and the fact that we made it happen is a huge accomplishment. Now, we’re still trying to get some things established here, but that’s expected to take time 🙂 We’ll be back and forth to the US as well for Bad Yogi business, so don’t worry, American friends! We’ll see you again soon enough!

2) Get Back to the Gym. 
I’m signing up for one here next week! With getting everything ready to come to France, I totally slacked on my fitness routine. I kept up with my home yoga practice, but I didn’t make much time for anything else. I always try to find balance, so I’m going to get back on the wagon starting soon.

… but let’s remember why I keep getting distracted: THE BEACH! 😉

3) Make Time for Just Fun. 
We have a habit of blending work with fun (which I happen to think is awesome), but sometimes it’s good to unplug and totally disconnect. So far we’re doing better with taking breaks throughout the day, and Sunday evening we even went out to a super pretty bar on the Promenade.  image1
There are some other smaller goals in between these larger, more “up-front” ones, too. Like reading more books (definitely doing well with this!), writing regularly (check!), improving my French (mais oui!), and living more fearlessly/impulsively and not overthinking/what-if-ing every little thing.

Over to you! What are you guys working on? Any new goals for the new season? Have you kept up with goals you’d set earlier in the year?


  1. I also made a HUGE move…from NYC to Jerusalem. Talk about culture shock! 😉
    Just give yourself time for getting into a routine, making friends (that’s a BIG one) and learning the language.
    Just take one day at a time and laugh at the absurd. It helps! 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. hi erin! congrats on the move! it looks beautiful! i love this new leaf fall review post! it’s great!

    a couple of goals i set earlier in the year: 1 – get back to working out after being sick at the beginning of the year 2 – doing a better job of trusting my intuition. and i’m happy to report i’m doing great with both!

    enjoy fall,


  3. That’s a cool idea to turn a new leaf and check the goals one has made!
    Well I can make a big CHECK on my list as I finished my studies in molecular biology this week, so now 5 years of studying are over and actually I don’t feel much different or even enlightened 😀 So now my next big goal is to find a good job (which isn’t easy and totally scary for me!!) but I’ll try my best!
    I also accomplished my goal to do yoga on a very regular basis and due to that I’m more stable and more conscious to my life and to my surroundings! As to my future goals: I also want to live even more fearlessly and not overthink everything I made! And of course: finally buying a bad yogi tank top! 😀

  4. That’s fantastic! I hope you guys are having the times of your lives!!

  5. Hi Erin!

    Congrats on the move! So exciting! I’ve been working on trying to get settled into my last year of grad school. It’s a work in progress but, I definitely share your mind set. I’ve started to focus on setting smaller goals. As you said, more “up-front”. Over the summer I got into a great home practice groove, now it’s more sporadic but I’m trying to fit it into my new schedule.

    Thank you for videos and your insights! I’ve learned so much.


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