Bad Yogi in The Gym: Legs & Butt

Bad Yogi in The Gym: Legs & Butt

Hey everybody!

How was your weekend? I spent most of mine filming, prepping to get back to teaching in the studio, and chatting with everyone on MyYogaPro which is my new favorite thing! So awesome that I can actually interact with you, especially since Facebook hides 95% of what I put out there. Thanks, Facebook! Not.

Lately there’s been a lot of questions about what exercise I do besides Yoga. As much as I dislike working out (shocker!), I do get some strength training in about 4 days a week. I have the tendency to get hyper-flexible pretty fast, so maintaining a balance is really important for my body. As you might have guessed, I like to keep it pretty simple and alternate between days where I focus on upper body or lower body.

Today was a Lower Body day and I really wanted to focus on quads and glutes. Now, you can also do ALL of this at home because you really don’t need weights if you’re just starting out. Then you can either buy cheap weights when you’re ready, or just use a gallon or half-gallon water bottle! What’s the saying? “Necessity begets creativity”?

Anyway! This isn’t all inclusive, but just the main stuff I did today (also, please excuse the awkward faces I’m making in every single picture; it was a covert op trying to take pictures here, haha):

THE MOVE: Single Leg Deadlifts. Definitely one of my favorite moves for getting a nice round booty and shapely legs! It targets all the right places and I do these a lot!
Repeat 10x per side for 3-5 sets.
single leg deadlift 1

single leg deadlift 2

THE MOVE: Step-ups! Great for toning the quads and hamstrings, and one of my personal favorites for shaping the glutes.
Repeat 10x on each side for 3-5 sets.
stepup step 1 stepup step2

THE MOVE: Kettle Bell Swings. It’s like a squat but with a little bonus work for the shoulders and back. These always do the trick!
Repeat 20x for 3-5 sets.

swing step 1
swing step 2
And as a bonus (crappiest “bonus” ever!), I did a 30 second wall sit between each set.

Wall sit
Let me know if you try any of these! Have fun 😉 Do you have any favorite exercises besides yoga? Do tell!