Day in the Life

Day in the Life

I have no idea why it’s become a trending question in my inbox lately, but a lot of people have been asking what my average day looks like. It’s tough to say because I don’t have a very “carved in stone” type of schedule. I wake up at different times every day, eat different stuff, work on different projects, do random things… So, how about a simple “This Day in The Life” Post instead? 😉

7:30am: wake up and lie in bed for about 30 minutes checking emails on my phone. Every. Single. Morning. I do this and think to myelf, “What a terrible habit! Will stop doing this tomorrow morning!” … still working on that, haha. I always feel excited to start my day but am torn between enjoying some peace and early morning sunshine in bed OR getting right up. Okay, now that I’ve typed that out to the world, SERIOUSLY, tomorrow morning it stops. 🙂

8am: Get to the kitchen and make breakfast. Breakfast is HANDS DOWN my favorite meal and time of day. I love making breakfast, love the sound of traffic outside, the way the morning sun pours in through the windows. I almost always have a big breakfast, too. Full of healthy fats, a bit of fruit, coffee, and lazy, leisurely conversation. Wherever I am, the morning is my favorite. It’s so chill and fresh!


9:30am: Finish breakfast and clean up kitchen. I load the dishwasher and wipe down the surfaces so I have a clean workspace to sit in.

10am: Computer time OR yoga time depending on the day! I’m so grateful because I work with my partner, Adrien, and we sit across from eachother every day getting to work and play. So, around 10am, I check emails, start responding, and do the same with social media. Answer as many messages as I can and start making a list of what I want to accomplish in the day. Some days I postpone work to do some yoga by the beach which is just the bees knees!


10:30am-ish: Work on the day’s project. Sometimes it changes daily, other times it’s a long project that takes weeks or months to complete, but the largest chunk of my day is devoted to that. As of now, it’s a little Bad Yogi Style Something that I can’t share yet, but it’s looking freaking cool and I can’t wait to unveil it 🙂


2pm-ish: Lunch! I’m eating leftover pizza because it’s easy and it’s Sunday, so nothing here is really open past noon. Missed my foodie window! I usually crave some sunlight (in addition to macarons) after staring at a computer for an extended period of time, so a walk is in order! Not a bad view on this almost Summer afternoon 😉
macaroons splash



2:45pm: Set the intention of heading back home to work but got distracted by my favorite ice cream place. AKA the source of all joy and happiness (not at all a dramatization): Fennocchio!


3-6pm: Continue working on the day’s project and try to tie up any loose email ends and put out whatever fires I can before calling it a “day” for emails. Also, COFFEE TIME and shower time! I put on makeup every single day regardless of whether I leave the house or not… perhaps another habit to kick?!
IMG_6639 IMG_6639 IMG_6639


7pm: Take some down time and watch a couple episodes of one of our fave shows: Dr. Who, Modern Family, Anthony Bourdain, Shark Tank, Game of Thrones… depends on what Hulu and iTunes have in store!

9pm: Dinner! Yes, I know we totally eat too late. I sort of like it though! This night we cooked in and had some simple garlicky green beans with some fresh pasta we’d picked up the day before. Deeeee-lish! The sauce is always my favorite… I believe pasta is just a vehicle for whatever sauce I feel like eating anyway, lol! 😉


10:30pm: Wrap up the day’s work/emails, plan for the following day, and chill! Depending on the day we might go out for drinks or stay in for tea and down time.


Midnight or 1am-ish is light’s out!

There ya have it! What’s your average day look like? Any daily highlights?