Day In The Bad Yogi Life: Travel Edition + Wanderlust Pics

Day In The Bad Yogi Life: Travel Edition + Wanderlust Pics

Back in the day when I had an office job, I would stare longingly at my Facebook, stalking my favorite bloggers, dreaming of having the life of a full-time traveller. I thought it’d be the best thing ever and sooo effortless and glamorous. Turns out, I was right about it being the best thing ever, but totally wrong about the effortless/glamorous part, and I don’t even travel full-time! <– blogger/yogi fail!

I had to find a way to keep myself occupied on a ridiculously early flight to Austin, so I went ahead and documented it for you because I know how fascinating a play-by-play of someone’s grumpiness is… 😉 #not

3:50am: alarm goes off because we have a 5:20am plane to catch. If I were to be dramatic here, I could burst in to big, baby-like grumpy tears and then collapse in a heap of exhaustion and attitude right now. But like I said, that’s if I were being dramatic…

4:30am: arrive at airport just in time for them to tell us we have to pay $25 to check a single bag. LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS YESSSSS– said no one ever. I thought security would be deserted, but turns out, everyone loves to fly this early! W-T-F.

5:45am: flight attendant gives me thimble-sized bag of pretzel dust and looks insulted when I ask if it’s empty. She moves on to the next row and I’m over here like THAT’S RIGHT WALK AWAY.

5:48am: open-mouth cougher to my left has started making a cacophony of sickly sounds. I give him the side eye then wrap my entire face (from nose to neck) in a scarf doused with thieves oil and pray someone opens a window soon. Frenchman looks at me like, “Can you please not?”

6:50am: arrive in Atlanta where we have a 90 minute layover. That’s good news because it basically takes that long to get off this plane. I swear I think people are waiting for a formal invitation to stand up and get their luggage. I give Open-Mouth Cougher the side eye again because I just feel it in my bones that he had something to do with this…

8:15am: get coffee + board next flight. Remind self that this will be fun when we land in Austin.

9am: THE HEAVENS HAVE SMILED DOWN UPON ME! There’s an empty seat next to me and I’m so happy I could run up and down the aisle high-fiving everyo–

9:07am: NOPLEASENO! OPEN-MOUTH COUGHER HAS BOARDED AND HE’S WALKING THIS WAY! He sits next to me and I die a little inside. WHY GOD WHY.

11am: landed in Austin and greeted by monsoon-like rains. Go to Austin in the Fall, they said… it’ll be beautiful, they said…

Disclaimer: If you made it this far, hopefully you picked up the fact that this is sarcasm. It’s true that I despise waking up early and despise even more when I’m coughed on for two hours, BUT I’m so incredibly grateful that I get to do this for my work. Luckily, no matter how annoying the travel time can be, it’s always worth it 😉


How do you keep yourself entertained while you travel? I buy loads of magazines and make sure my playlists are on point! I’d love to hear your travel tips!