Coffee Date with Erin

Coffee Date with Erin

My girl Gina over at the Fitnessista does a coffee date blog post once in a while and I’m stealing her idea because that’s exactly what I’d love to do with all of you this week. I’d tell you …

1) I turned my wardrobe inside out. I’m one of those who’s like, “I have 700 items ‘just in case of ____’” and I can pretty much guarantee I won’t be meeting the pope, getting pregnant, or attending a country-themed party any time soon. So I’m rolling with this capsule wardrobe idea instead. A simplified definition is that you basically become totally ruthless with getting rid of the stuff you never wear and only keep what you actually like and looks good. Oh, and you’re supposed to keep it to under 40 items total, not counting Pjs, workout clothes and accessories. Done and done.  The pile in the picture is a fraction of what I gave away or sold. CRAZY!


2) I actually turned down a book deal that was OK but really not what I was looking for. My gut feeling was that it wasn’t right, so as painful as it was to say no, I did. I cried for an entire day because it’s something I’ve always wanted and to have it be so close but still not be “it” was a tough pill to swallow. I had to teach right after I said no, and people probably thought I was insane because my eyes were puffy and red from being a giant baby. I’m feeling all good about it now and am charging forward in a different way. Can’t wait to tell you about how 🙂

3) Made this BOMB tomato soup which I expected to just be mehh and ended up being OH YEAH! Recipe coming soon.



Between filming for the yoga challenge and working on other projects, I’ve been doing TONS of writing lately… well, I’ve been trying to do tons of writing lately but my creative brain is a little slow and that makes for some frustrating and unfulfilling afternoons sometimes, haha.


My creative “process” may need some tweaking. Goes a little something like this:

– Sit down in front of blank document with coffee and rock back and forth in my swivel chair like a lunatic until my brain has a thought worth writing down.

– I deserve a reward! Get up and rummage in the refrigerator for some chocolate.

– Eat whatever I find.

– Back to blank document to get a couple sentences down. Nothing comes.

– Stand up again and grumble about sucking at everything I do and lament my bleak future. WAHHHHH! EVERYBODY HATES MEEEEE!

– Visit yoga mat and do 15 bad handstands.

– Back to desk and get a couple more sentences out before starting something totally new in a different document.

– Check Facebook.

– Do 15 more handstands PLUS a downdog.

– That really wore me out and I think it’s juice and cracker time. Or time for more chocolate. I’m so confused.

– Remember I need to vacuum, so I actually do that. Shit. Laundry’s done? I don’t even remember starting laundry. Must fold… actually no– must dump all clean clothes on to bed and let my tomorrow self worry about folding. Life = hacked.

– Ok, back to desk to wriiii– change of mind: go visit my Frenchman in his office and sing him a song I made up.

– That was fun. Now SERIOUSLY time to work.

– Shit! Time to go teach. Ok, I’ll finish this tomorrow.

– But hey at least I blogged today, AMIRITE?!

What’s new in your lives? Anything awesome? Ever had a disappointment that you practically went in to mourning over? Share away 🙂