Bad Yogi Wine List

Bad Yogi Wine List

Hey guys!

What’s up this week? I’m filming a Yoga for Weight Loss series, planning for a massive project set to launch next year, writing a E-BOOK which will be available in November(dropped a bomb on ya there ;)), among other things such as obsessing over my little pug friend that we’re babysitting:

Now, as you know, I drink wine. Not in excess (hopefully that goes without saying, haha) but a couple times a week we pick up a bottle of something new, or just an old favorite and enjoy a couple glasses with dinner. I’m not a connoisseur but thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites with you. Because let’s be real: none of us know what we’re looking for when scanning a zillion labels in Target or Total Wine anyway, right? 😉

In no particular order…

1) Apothic Dark. This is super juicy and pretty sweet (at least I think so)! Lots of berries happening in this one, which makes it really smooth and easy to drink. I think it’s really pretty in the glass too: almost black it’s such a deep red! Plus, I definitely love that it’s only $11.

2) 337 Cabernet by Noble Vines. I don’t know why, but this surprised me; I thought it was going to be really bad but it turns out it was pretty good! I think a lot of times this style of modern packaging holds wine that’s just ehhh… Anyway! Not too sweet and a little spicy with some pepper or spice in there, and it’s $12 where I buy it 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 8.23.12 AM


3) Le Grand Noir Cabernet Sauvignon. I know I said this was in no order, but I have to say that in this price range, this wine is my favorite. It’s dry, not sugary sweet at all and really smooth. It’s super earthy too which is my favorite taste 🙂 This one comes in at about $12 a bottle too.

Worst picture ever but I couldn't find a better one, even online!

Worst picture ever but I couldn’t find a better one, even online!

4) Chateau Clos de Vieille Eglise Castillon, Bordeaux Blend. Seriously love this one. Lots of cedar and dark fruits and I think that’s my second favorite taste in wine! It looks and sounds fancy which makes it kind of great to bring to a guest’s house 😉 It’s delicious and a little pricier at about $15 a bottle.

5) Mouton Cadet, Bordeaux. I’m including this one even though it’s hit or miss. Sometimes I get a bottle and it’s absolutely delicious and tobacco-y and earthy, and other times it tastes like it’s been sitting out a little too long, haha. So, if you can get it from a reputable place like Total Wine, I say give it a shot especially since it’s only $8 there!!!
BONUS SPLURGE #1: Gordon Brothers Cabernet Six. If you want to splurge, I can’t recommend this one enough. It’s SUPER vanilla-y with strong wood flavors and a decent bit of sediment. It’s fruity without being too sweet, if that makes sense! So probably tart fruits like black cherry or currants. It’s about $40 a bottle but it was sooo amazing just to sip slowly and savor every drop. We buy this one pretty often, so it’s a definite repeat.
BONUS SPLURGE#2: Faust Cabernet Napa. I had this one in a restaurant the first time and fell in love. Dry, woody, and a tad bit metallic/iron-ish?! It goes great with a good steak! I’m not a pro, so I don’t know what the exact word for it, but it’s very, very good. Again, this one is about $40 in the store and well worth every penny.  3_38410750_2_3


What are your go-to wines?! Are you a red or white fan? I have a TextEdit document where I make notes about wines we try– how nerdy is that?! Someday I want to make us a Bad Yogi Wine… I’m totally serious, too! I don’t know when but I know it’ll be delicious! ;)*I’m not affiliated with any of these companies in any way whatsoever. These are just wines that I love and purchase with my own money.