Bad Yogi Shopping Guide: Yoga Pants!

Bad Yogi Shopping Guide: Yoga Pants!

I think it’s so awesome/funny that at least 20% of my daily emails are to ask where I get my yoga pants, and I’m even more glad I’ve captivated you for such deep, meaningful reasons, lol. Ok, I’m just messing with you 😉 But, if you’ve been wondering where on Earth to find some funky, summery yoga pants, you’re asking the right person because if I’m honest, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert 😉 I really can’t resist a gorgeous pair of yoga leggings (it’s a problem, actually!) and luckily, I had no shortage to wear while filming MyYogaPro. For those of you who have been asking, here’s where I get my favorite ones:

Liquido Active.
I’m obsessed with these. They’re so incredibly soft and never dig in anywhere. I have to admit that I wore these off the mat all the time too, so they work pretty much everywhere, if you ask me!

Onzie has always been a favorite of mine. They’re especially awesome for hot yoga because they dry super fast when you sweat. They fit great and change up their patterns every few months so you’re never short on choices!

Notice the black leggings NOT being see-through. Win. 😉 But really, these have been my go-to black leggings for years because they’re so durable and fitted. Seriously, I have the same pairs that I’ve worn for 5+ years and wear them all the time. Another bonus: they won’t move around or ride up even when you’re working hard.

Kira Grace.
All of their designs are extremely elegant and streamlined, so they fall a little on the sexy side, which is a fun change from a lot of other designs out there. True to size, too!

Such a fun brand! I love that the back of their pants has this little ruching on the butt which is super flattering. Fun patterns, really soft fabric, and very breathable.

And a special shoutout to Bombay Mermaid for my favorite set of bracelets! She makes each stack custom to your wrist size and color preferences AND they’re amazingly inexpensive.

So glad to know I’m not the only person out there who can appreciate these beauties 😉 Any favorite brands that I didn’t mention here? Spill your yoga pants secrets!

*In full transparency, I didn’t pay for any of these, as they were provided for MyYogaPro. But this post wasn’t sponsored in any way and all opinions are honest and my own.