Bad Yogi Q&A/Coffee Date with Erin #2

Bad Yogi Q&A/Coffee Date with Erin #2

Hi, friends!

How are you? If we were sitting down for a cuppa, I’d want to know how your week’s been. I know it’s only Wednesday, but I hope you’ve had a great week so far and hopefully still reminiscing on a fun-filled weekend 🙂 As for me, I’ve been in major planning mode: I’m working on a few really massive projects for us that’ll be due later this year, and I’m extremely excited to share them with you. They’re game changers, for sure, and things that are going to help your practice in so many ways. Really, really exciting!

I absolutely need to eat while I think. Charcuterie = brain food ;)

I absolutely need to eat while I think. Charcuterie = brain food 😉

* I’d tell you about my friend Gina’s (the Fitnessista) new ebook about how to build your blog, which I read cover to cover last night! For only $9, I WISH I’d had this when starting out. Full of great tips from a pro:  Click here to view more details (DISCLOSURE: this is an affiliate link, which means I get a small little “tip” if you purchase it. But as you know, I’d never endorse anything I didn’t find truly helpful or that I didn’t love myself.)

* I’d tell you that we’re SO CLOSE to unlocking the last possible week of the yoga challenge (sad face!)! This was BY FAR my favorite week to create for you… I can’t wait for you to take these classes and hear your thoughts. Make sure you share it up so we can unlock it! Click here to sign up and share with all your friends 🙂

I get a zillion questions every day and wanted to answer as many of your questions as I can, so I asked you all to hit me with some on social media so that I could tackle them over here. Shall we?

Q: “You seem so positive and calm; how do you deal with bad, stressful days?” 

Well, sometimes I don’t deal with them very well, haha. I’m human and totally melt down over silly things. But I really try to just give myself 15 minutes to rant and cry and do whatever I need to in order to get it out of my system, and then I force myself in to action mode and do whatever I need to move forward. Sometimes that’s something obvious, and other time, when I can’t do anything about it, I go and MOVE. I’ll go rollerblading with my sister, go to the gym with my Frenchman, or find a class to teach/take. It’s not always easy, but it’s more about making the effort of getting out of a bad mood your default habit than letting yourself simmer in the negativity.

Q: “Would you ever go vegetarian/vegan? Why or why not?” 

Ok, so as you already know, I do eat meat… I eat everything! Actually, I even ate a Krispy Kreme donut today after dinner because we passed one on the way home and they were “hot now” so you know how it goes 😉 But truth be told, meat really isn’t the largest staple in my diet. I could easily go a week without eating meat, but I don’t think I could ever give up cheese or milk in my coffee or scallops… so many things. That said, I’d have to say no, because I can’t imagine ever turning down a meal someone made for me for self-imposed dietary restrictions. It’s just not something I want to do. I want to experience everything I possibly can! 😉

Beouf Bourguignon... can't turn that down.

Beouf Bourguignon… can’t turn that down.

Q: “What made you start practicing yoga?” 

I was a teenager (16!) eating too much Taco Bell and decided I needed to start working out, but hated being stuck on a treadmill and refused to step foot in a Zumba class. I saw there was something called “Yoga” happening, and decided to try it because I thought it’d be different. Being “different” was pretty important to be because I was quite… alternative… back in those days. Seriously– I’m talking layers of black eyeliner, Doc Martins, and Gwen Stefani-style platinum blonde hair with BLACK streaks! <– never admitted that on the internet before, haha! Needless to say, I was hooked after class #1, and a few weeks later, my teacher asked if I would take over for her when she moved. I hesitantly agreed and my first few classes SUCKED, but I kept up with it, and the rest is history. (And HELL-TO-THE-NO there will be no picture for this, hahaha!)

Q: “What did you do before teaching yoga? Do you have another job now besides yoga?” 

Yoga has always been something I’ve loved teaching. Since I was 16 I taught part-time but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started teaching full-time. After college, I was working in finance at a large investment firm where I spent my days sitting sedentary but stressed to the max. My conversations revolved around the market and what the S&P was doing that day and buying and selling mutual funds for clients with high net worths. I cried every Sunday night because I dreaded going to work the next day… I knew I had to change something. Teaching yoga was the only thing I always looked forward to no matter what my day looked like, and always brightened my mood. So eventually I decided to take the jump and teach full time, which eventually lead me where I am now 🙂 I always say, I practice to feed my teaching, but I teach to feed my life, and this still holds true, even after 10+ years.

Check out my post-college 'tude! Thinkin' I'm grown and stuff!

Average work style. I even styled my hair! Now I might use a hair dryer once a month, haha.

How about “Yoga for…” 

(1) Bunions: thread your fingers between all your toes and gently flex them side to side and forward and back. Stand up and spread your toes nice and wide (even if they don’t move very far, they’ll get better with time!) and rock forward and back from the balls of the feet and back to the heels. It’s important to keep the muscles elastic and the bones in proper alignment.

(2) Sciatica/nerve pain in the hip: seated figure 4 stretch, supine spinal twists, and foam rolling! Stay away from wide forward bends, seated or standing.

(3) Knee pain in kneeling lunge: especially when you try to bend the back knee and reach for the foot, the back knee can feel super uncomfortable. Try doubling up your mat under the knee so you have more cushion. You could also add a towel or blanket under for even more protection.

(4) Wrists that hurt! If you feel sensitive in crow, plank, or downdog, I’ll tell you that with time this discomfort usually goes away. If it’s really intolerable, I’ve heard great things about these though I can’t say I’ve personally used them:

Did I miss any questions you still want answered? Ask below and I’ll get to them there 🙂