Bad Yogi Is…

Bad Yogi Is…

Every day I get emails from people all over the world telling me their stories of how they came to know Bad Yogi and how the small change of adding a few minutes of daily yoga has profoundly changed their lives. What I love even more is that these people are not always (or even often) lifelong yogis, athletes, gymnasts or anything else that might predispose them to pick up something like yoga.

They’re stay-at-home/working moms (sometimes of 4 or 5 children!), burly “manly” men, college students on a budget, retired men and women, veterans— you name it. They come from the farthest corners of the world… everywhere from Canada to Congo, New Zealand to the Netherlands, Hong Kong to middle-of-nowhere Ohio, and everywhere in between. I’ve seen people rock Bad Yogi tanks in the North Pole, Alaska (didn’t even know that was a real place!) and at Mount Kilimenjaro. I hear how these classes and community have helped people feel less alone during an eating disorder recovery, chronic pain and illness, and other emotional hardship. I’ve heard how this community was there to help them celebrate a handstand victory or a 30-day stretch of daily yoga. I could never properly summarize all the amazing stories I’ve read and listened to since starting this journey.

So when I get asked in interviews about who or what “inspires” me, I can’t imagine feeling more inspired by any guru, spiritual leader, entrepreneur, famous quote or meditation session than I do by all of you. Bad Yogi isn’t just me by myself putting on a cheeky label, it is ALL OF YOU. Every single one. I love that each of represents a different size, shape, color, orientation, style, belief system, diet, experience/level, motivation, background, etc… it’s all here. And when I say that I don’t care about any of that but you’re welcome here no matter what, I really mean it. And I love that all of you feel the same.

I wanted to highlight some REAL yogis from our #badyogiarmy in professional ads because YOU ARE THE INSPIRATION. “Famous” yoga-celebrities are old news. Let’s see what it looks like in real life. I’m just a yoga teacher and I might be driving this train, but you guys inspire me to keep it rollin’.

More of your features coming soon.

Big love!


Thomas A. Southern gentleman, expert outdoorsman, occasional hunter, Bad Yogi.




Matt Sydal. Pro-wrestler, world traveler, big thinker, Bad Yogi.



Rachel H. Mom of 3, lifelong dancer, boo-boo fixer, Bad Yogi.