Bad Yogi Engagement Part II

Bad Yogi Engagement Part II

If you haven’t already, make sure you read Part I right here! Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


As soon as we get there, we start taking yoga pictures and he takes a few before stopping me and says, “We should get a picture of the two of us but I’m afraid someone’s gonna run off with my camera, haha.” This was great because literally 6 feet away from us was a legit photographer taking pictures of random stuff with a camera even nicer than ours and I was like, “You should ask that guy– he looks like he knows what he’s doing!” So he gives “that guy” (his name was Vlad but of course, I didn’t know that yet) his camera and he was super nice about it, taking a bunch of pictures of us just standing there together. We eventually thank him and walk away a little bit, snap a few more yoga pictures until Adrien says he wants to take a selfie with his big-ass camera! It’s the DSLR that we film with and it’s quite heavy and cumbersome to maneuver, even with two hands let alone one. I was like, “that’s a terrible idea– the pictures the other guy took look fine!” Adrien walked us DIRECTLY in front of Vlad’s lens to take this ridiculous selfie and I was just thinking “oh my god… *facepalm*… we’re right in his way…”

Of course, Vlad saw Adrien struggling with his camera and offered to take more, which I started feeling bad about because he was clearly working on something else. Vlad was pretty into taking more pictures which didn’t seem weird to me because I just thought, photographers like taking pictures, right? 😉 Vlad paused for a second and said, “You should change angles and I’ll take it from a different perspective.” (Lie #7*)


Adrien stepped in front of me so my back was to the screens and he and Vlad were facing them, and Vlad starts taking pictures of ME BY MYSELF! I was like, “OK, that’s ok… thanks, *uncomfortable smile* yeah…..Love, we need to leave this guy alone, this is so awkward!” Adrien responded, “It’s okay, chill! He does it better than me anyway!” LOL!


And then, right there, in the middle of Time Square Adrien stepped back next to me, got down on one knee and said, “Erin…” and pointed up at the BIGGEST freaking amazing jumbo screen (where the New Years Eve ball drops!!!) which had pictures of us all over it from our different trips we’ve taken together, and it said “Erin Motz, will you marry me? No matter where in the world I go I want to be there with you.”


I couldn’t even stand! Totally fell to my knees in full ugly cry mode. I just stared at him as he said, “I love you so much. Will you marry me?” Neither of us remembers what he said after that, and I didn’t even remember saying YES, but apparently I did 😉 I do remember saying, “Are you serious?! Is this for real?!” about a million times! I also know that I didn’t even pay attention to the ring; once I gained a tiny smidgen of composure he said, “… you can have this! I got it for you!” We both laughed and stood up to take it all in.

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So of course, the presence of this “total stranger photographer man” was orchestrated by Adrien. He hired Vlad to be there ahead of time and pose like he was just a tourist. He was really there to capture video with his own camera and take pics with OUR camera the whole time. By the time we stood up, there were like 200 people all around us taking pictures and cheering– including a Batman and three Lady Liberties, LOL! There were at least 3 video cameras that I saw, some people were paparazzi style hovering around us with cameras, and The NYPD were all over… it was INSANE!


When we finally got away from the crowd we walked back to the hotel, hand in hand, while I periodically sobbed and laughed the whole way. We made the phone calls to the important people and headed out to dinner at my family’s favorite old school steakhouse, Gallagher’s. The maitre’d greeted us with celebratory champagne and we became the obnoxiously in-love couple everyone loves to hate for the rest of the night 😉


IMG_6693 IMG_6691 IMG_6685

Random fact: That bunny stuffed animal was purchased at FAO Schwartz because I picked it up a few days before and thought it was soo cute, and Adrien randomly insisted I have it! Still not sure why, haha. I also don’t remember even holding it here, I was just in awe of my ring! I promise this blog won’t become wedding central, but you better believe I’ll keep you updated as we plan the important stuff. We’re actually back to “business as usual” today and working on getting some major things out to you in the coming weeks, so you have no need to worry about being left in the engagement dust!

I just want to say that I’m beyond blown away by the well wishes on social media and in my inbox and send my deepest, most sincere gratitude back to you. Thank you for the love.

From both of us,
Erin + Adrien
(aka Bad Yogi + The Frenchman ;))


The Lie Breakdown:
#7) The screen had changed to the proposal and this was his signal to Adrien that it was go time!


What a crazy weekend! I’ll leave it open today: got a question about me and the Frenchman? It’s open season– leave it below and I’ll answer 🙂

[Sidenote: here’s the post for Part I of the story in case you missed it!]