Bad Yogi Cleanse Disclaimer

The opinions and nutritional advice provided by Bad Yogi Corp regarding the Bad Yogi Cleanse Kit has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

The information on this site that we provide is for general information purposes only. Your medical doctor should always be regarded as your primary source of information about diagnosis and possible treatments. The content offered through this site are not intended to be, nor should they used as a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment in any way.

I do not diagnose or treat illnesses. Individuals with serious illness should compile data from several sources prior to cleansing. Individuals using prescription medication should consult their physician prior to starting a cleanse, since the effects of their medication may be amplified by their cleaner system. Extremely toxic people should not attempt cleanses longer than three days without medical supervision. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not attempt a cleanse without consulting their physician prior to starting.

The Bad Yogi Cleanse does not make any claims of the effectiveness of cleansing to cure or heal illnesses. This is not a weight loss program. The Bad Yogi Cleanse Kit will not save your life, grow your hair back, or rescue your cat from a tree.  This is a non-aggressive balanced meal plan along with a set of yoga routine videos.  Enjoy responsibly.


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