Ask Erin: Can Yoga & Religion Coexist?

Ask Erin: Can Yoga & Religion Coexist?

Hmm, isn’t religion one of those things you’re never supposed to bring up at a dinner table conversation? Maybe, but you guys know I’m not one to follow rules anyway 😉 I was asked this question a few times and then got a message from someone sharing her journey to yoga from a religious standpoint. She always believed you had to adhere to a certain belief system to be a yogi, and was happy to learn that this isn’t the case. So after I saw her message, I figured I might as well answer this question that’s been floating around:

“Erin, are you religious?”

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I actually went to Catholic School for 9 years and it was exactly as you’d envision: nuns, plaid jumpers, Wednesday mass, and no make-up, nail polish, or PDA allowed. Actually, one time I got a detention because my mom sent me to school in pants with pockets (!!!) on a chilly day instead of my traditional skirt, haha! Of course it sounds totally insane now, but it’s funny because I never really thought about it being that weird until I grew up!

I can’t say that I still practice Catholicism, but I do still consider myself to be very Spiritual. Even though “spirituality” has gotten kind of a hokey wrap over the years, the way I interpret spirituality is that I believe in God, I believe in miracles, I don’t believe in accidents, and I believe there’s a force bigger than my own desires that has my back, so to speak. It’s pretty simple. I don’t think my way is the only “right” way and to put it simply, I think it’s all good; whatever you believe about the universe and cosmos is a-ok in my book.

However you define your beliefs, you’re welcome in my classes. If my style doesn’t resonate with you either, I firmly believe there’s still one out there for you and would encourage you to keep looking.

Yoga is to bring the body and mind in to harmony, and it would be totally counter-intuitive to think it would exclude anyone. I know I won’t bring everyone along with me on that train of thought, but that’s my two cents 😉

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, if you’re comfortable sharing 🙂

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