Week 1 – Day 5: Hip Openers and Fluid Flow

Hip Openers and Fluid Flow!

Let’s get a little weird! But in a good way, I promise… We’re gonna start in a way that we haven’t ever started before, and then move in to some more traditional poses for balance and opening. I’m ready whenever you are– let’s do it!



Bad Yogi Video: Yoga for Hangovers

Hey guys! How was St. Paddy’s Day for ya? You know what— you don’t have to answer that 😉 If all of us were together catching up over coffee right now, I’m sure lots of you would have nothing to report, while others of you would be quietly wincing at every loud noise and bright light. It happens to the best of us. If you partied a little too hard yesterday, I’ve got just the solution for you. Even if you didn’t, you might as well get your yoga in while you’re here 🙂...

The Only Pasta Recipe You’ll Ever Need

I don’t have a romantic story of my cooking journey. My grandmother didn’t teach me how to bake apple pies, my mom didn’t pass down any family recipes, and I’d barely cooked anything outside a microwave until I got to college. Everything I know, I pretty much learned from lots (and lots and lots) or trial and error. I may have sliced through a finger or two, grabbed a cast iron skillet with my bare hands straight out of a 500* oven (oops!), and ruined more meals than I can count, but whatever! I’m here now, I can cook, and I have 10 fingers, so I really can’t complain 😉 I’ve been cooking a lot lately and I gotta ask: Do you ever get on little food kicks where there’s just one thing that you crave constantly? Lately for me it’s been Whole Foods’ vegan chocolate chip cookies (not sure how they do it but they’re so gooey and delicious!!) and this ridiculously simple dish I’ve already made twice over the past 3 days. I can’t overstate how delicious this is even though it looks too simple to truly be that tasty. I’m not a big pasta person and 99% of the time, pastas and breads are take-it-or-leave-it things for me. Until I happened on this happy little accident… I think fresh pasta is the way to go with this one— if you can get your hands on it. I just picked some up at Whole Foods… easy peasy! It’ll cost a few bucks more, but I promise it’ll be worth it. Plus, I figured, this meal got us...

Bad Yogi Home Yoga Flow Builder

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to plan their own flow for yoga at home… Truth is, there’s rarely just one way of doing something, and this is no different. It all depends on your likes/dislikes, abilities and limitations, but I made this little sequence builder as a general guideline that I’d say is good to follow for anyone. You can use this to make a 10 minute flow or a 60 minute flow depending on what you’re in the mood for 🙂 Also, it’s intentionally (somewhat) vague because I want you to feel free to be creative, to change things as you want and need to, and to serve as a reminder that your practice is exactly that: YOUR OWN. No one can tell you what poses are the “best” for your mood; you’re the gatekeeper to the class theme, so have fun with it 🙂 Enjoy! And shoutout to Tamera in Washington DC who inspired this post in...