2014 Bad Yogi Christmas Gift Guide

2014 Bad Yogi Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the year…

Are you tired of Christmas music yet? I’m totally not, haha. I just love the holiday season, no matter how cheesy it gets. I look forward to the day where we live somewhere with actual seasons and a white Christmas wouldn’t be totally out of the question!

I’ve been driving myself crazy with trying to find the perfect gift for family members and BFFs and I wanted to make my own gift list public so that you can spare yourself some stress of navigating the mall and get it all done from the comfort of your living room instead 😉

Quick disclaimer: You guys know that I never endorse products because I always think it’s disingenuous and fake, but I’ll be honest with you: whatever is on this list that isn’t my own is totally vetted by me. If it’s on here, I love it and use it myself and haven’t been paid to peddle someone’s stuff.

For your yogi friend (because I’m partial to the yogis ;)):
I cannot say enough amazing things about the owner of Holla For My Mala! Her name is Krysten and not only is she the most loving, sincere person I’ve ever come across on the internet, but she’s seriously talented at what she does, too. Her malas come in the most beautiful packaging you could imagine and she customizes everything down to the finest details. Be prepared to answer a million questions about yourself because she truly makes everything JUST for you.


Bad Yogi Sweatshirt:
They’re going fast and I JUST got a brand new shipment in today, so they’re hot off the press and ready for you to nab before they’re gone again!

Do This/Not That Guide:
No time to waste with shipping something? This is the answer to your prayers! Get it right to your email and download it to your computer for an easy and beautiful gift.

For the fitness-loving friend:
When my girlfriend Gina (from The Fitnessista) sent her new book, HIIT IT! to me I half expected it to be one of those things that I’d never really use because I’m not a major fitness person. Turns out, I actually LOVED it! So many helpful tips. I use several of her workouts from this book and keep referring back to it for notes about nutrition and gym routines. So worth every penny!


Spotify Membership:
Whether you’re in to gym workouts or yoga or anything else, you always like to have a bangin’ playlist. I live on Spotify and for $10 a month for some ad-free music listening, this is a seriously awesome little surprise.


Over to you: What’s on your wishlist this year? Did you find any totally amazing gifts for your friends and family?